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Katie Chappelow
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My name is Katie Chappelow and I have my Bachelors of Science from Purdue University. Ive spent the last 6 years as a practicing occupational therapist in Minnesota. I love helping and working with children and adults to achieve their goals and gain independence. Throughout the years my role has shifted into a full time stay at home mom to 2 energetic, inquisitive, outgoing, intelligent, goofy little girls (Camryn - 4 and Parker - 2). When we moved back to Indiana 6 months ago I knew I was ready to make a career change and start making an impact in the community I was living in. I've known Patrick for several years and have watched what his business and team have been able to accomplish as a company and for the community around them. I knew this was a team I had to be a part of, I began pursuing a position within the company and was able to land in a position where I get the best of both worlds! I get to help make an impact and help grow the company and team, while also still playing a large and present role with my children and family.